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Teaching 2013-2014

Basic information regarding my teaching is available below, as well as an archive of previous teaching while at OFCE and university of Kent. All the course material in the archive is available in Powerpoint format. Some of the presentations contain links to video files that can be downloaded from the numerical ressources section of the website. As for the numerical ressources, feel free to use the archived powerpoint material/animations if they are useful, but please don't forget to cite!

University of Kent.

In 2013-2014 I teach a a skill-based introduction to professional economics for the School of Economics. For more details on this module, please go to the Professional Economics page on the University of Kent module catalog.

Spring term 2013-2014:  Professional Economics

  • Week 13 - Introduction
  • Week 14 - Economics and the environment I - The London Congestion Charge 
  • Week 15 - Economics and the environment II – Costs and benefits of bioenergy
  • Week 16 - Social issues in economics I – Welfare reform and universal credit 
  • Week 17 - Social issues in economics II – The value of education 
  • Week 18 - Social issues in economics III – Healthcare reform in the USA
  • Week 19 - Assessment week
  • Week 20 - Government Institutions I – Inequality and tax reform in the UK
  • Week 21 - Government Institutions II – Competition regulation and fair trading
  • Week 22 - Economics in Finance I – The Bank of England and “Quantitative Easing”
  • Week 23 - Economics in Finance II – Regulation and the LIBOR scandal