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Teaching 2007-2008

All the course material from my teaching is available below in Powerpoint format. Apologies to my english speaking collegues, but the teaching is in french, and therefore so are the slides. Some of the presentations contain links to video files that can be downloaded from the numerical ressources section of the website. As for the numerical ressources, feel free to use the powerpoint material/animations if they are useful, but please don't forget to cite!

Sciences Po.

The bulk of my teaching in 2007-2008 is an undergraduate introductory course in economomics at the Menton Campus of Sciences Po. The teaching load is shared and organised with my OFCE-DRIC collegues Sarah Guillou and Lionel Nesta. The course convenor for the first semester is Prof. Etienne Wasmer, while the second semester convenor is Prof. Yann Algan

1st Semester 2007-2008: Microeconomics

2nd Semester 2007-2008: Macroeconomics

  • Weeks 1 & 2 - Macroeconomic mesures and definitions 
  • Week 3 - The labour market
  • Week 4 - Monetary and financial markets
  • Week 5 - The IS-LM model
  • Week 6 - Applying the IS-LM model
  • Week 7 - The AS-AD model
  • Week 8 - The Phillips curve
  • Week 9 - Expectations and the NAIRU
  • Week 10 - The open economy & the Mundell Fleming model
  • Week 11 - The open economy part 2 : interdependances
  • Week 12 - Growth : Theory and stylised facts
  • Week 13 - Growth & development

University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis

I also teach a 10 hours Masters (M2) course in new economic geography at the University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis. This course is entitled "Enjeux de nouvelle économie géographique" (Issues in New Economic Geography). 

Lecture slides

  • Part 1 - Fundamental mechanisms of economic geography
  • Part 2 - Recent theoretical advances
  • Part 3 - Empirical issues