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Teaching 2009-2010

All the course material from my teaching is available below in Powerpoint format. Some of the presentations contain links to video files that can be downloaded from the numerical ressources section of the website. As for the numerical ressources, feel free to use the powerpoint material/animations if they are useful, but please don't forget to cite!

Sciences Po.

The bulk of my teaching in 2009-2010 is an undergraduate introductory course in economomics at the Menton Campus of Sciences Po. This is part of an undergraduate english-speaking curriculum organised in the campus.

1st Semester 2009-2010: Microeconomics

2nd Semester 2009-2010: Macroeconomics

  • Course Outline
  • Week 1 - Introduction
  • Week 2 - The circular flow of income and the Keynesian multiplier
  • Week 3 - Government intervention and fiscal policy
  • Week 4 - Money: functions and creation
  • Week 5 - The central bank and the money market equilibrium
  • Week 6 - The IS-LM model
  • Week 7 - The WS-PS model
  • Week 8 - The Philips curve, the NAIRU and expectations
  • Week 9 - The AS-AD model
  • Week 10 - Credibility and long-run reform
  • Week 11 - Exchange rates and the Mundell-Fleming model
  • Week 12 - The Solow model of growth