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Teaching 2010-2011

Basic information regarding my teaching is available below, as well as an archive of previous teaching while at OFCE. All the course material in the archive is available in Powerpoint format. Some of the presentations contain links to video files that can be downloaded from the numerical ressources section of the website. As for the numerical ressources, feel free to use the archived powerpoint material/animations if they are useful, but please don't forget to cite!

University of Kent.

In 2010-2011 I teach an undergraduate introductory course in economomics for the University of Kent Buisiness School, which is taught both at the Canterbury and Medway campuses of the University of Kent. For more details, please go the the Microeconomics for business page at the School of Economics.

Autumn term 2010-2011: Microeconomics for Business

  • Week 1 - Introduction to Economics for Business
  • Week 2 - Consumer demand
  • Week 3 - Production in the short and long run
  • Week 4 - Demand and supply on a market
  • Week 5 - The perfect competition benchmark
  • Week 6 - Monopolies and market power
  • Week 7 - No teaching - Reading week
  • Week 8 - Oligopolies and strategic interaction
  • Week 9 - Monopolistic competition and brands
  • Week 10 - Input markets
  • Week 11 - Market failure and government intervention
  • Week 12 - True/False/Depends class test